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Mobile phone penalties double

Penalties for using a phone at the wheel doubled from 1 March, meaning if one of your drivers gets caught using their handheld mobile phone while driving it could have serious implications.

6 points and a £200 fine may be just be part of the problem, explains Interactive Fleet Management’s customer services director, Andy Reed. What if they’ve already got points on their licence, lose it and are unable to fulfil their job role?

“This shift in the law should cause company directors to think seriously about their mobile phone policies, and what is happening in reality with their drivers,” explains Andy.

“From a safety perspective, it should at least trigger a conversation as to whether a company’s mobile phone policy is strong enough, and whether drivers are adhering to it. Having a piece of paper saying drivers should not use their phones at the wheel is one thing, but what is happening in reality may be very different.

“From a commercial perspective, do you have a process in place for checking driving licences online, and are you aware who the highest risk drivers are?

“A driver who already has 6 points on their licence is precariously close to losing it as they are now just one mobile phone offence away from 12 points and a potential ban. If that means they can’t fulfill their job role it could have real ramifications for the business.

“We can help in this area in a number of ways. Providing a regular licence checking service, reviewing driver policies, and putting measures in place to ensure they are seen and agreed to by drivers. We can also provide training on the dangers of mobile phones and other in-vehicle distractions, either online or in workshops.”

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