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Total Outsourcing

Outsourcing has grown rapidly in the fleet market, and you can outsource your vehicle fleet to Interactive Fleet Management irrespective of whether you contract hire your vehicles or purchase them outright.

In both cases, we will become your fleet department – managing all suppliers, vehicles and driver contact.

An increasing number of businesses recognise the significant amount of time, cost and experience that is required to run a vehicle fleet.

By outsourcing your fleet operation to Interactive Fleet Management not only means you can alleviate yourself from the burden of fleet management, in turn freeing up your staff to focus on your core business, it also typically results in immediate cost savings and drivers welcoming the advice and assistance from our qualified and helpful support team.

By becoming your dedicated fleet management department also means you enjoy access to your real-time fleet data via our online fleet management system, and we can pro-actively advise you on issues such as vehicle choice, taxation, duty of care, green issues and on-going cost saving measures.

Alleviate yourself from the burden of fleet management.

Our Service


Q. Is Interactive Fleet Management owned by a bank or vehicle manufacturer?

A. No, we are a member of the Grosvenor Group of Companies - a privately owned group with operations that span contract hire, fleet management and vehicle retail and have remained stable and independent for over 35 years.

Q. Who would my drivers deal with?

A. This depends on the services you utilise, however every department (e.g. vehicle ordering, maintenance control, rental, accident management etc) offers a superb, personal service to drivers. We're also proud not to offer automated voice mail queues or call centre systems. Instead, drivers can call in and speak directly to someone who can help.


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