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Interactive Fleet Management has its own in-house software development team. The systems and driver App are provided as an inclusive part of all of our fleet management services. Whether you operate 30 vehicles or 3000, you enjoy full real-time access to online reporting, a vehicle comparison and selection system and a driver App.


An online fleet management system developed in-house by Interactive Fleet Management’s software team.

Real-time fleet information in an easy-view format.

Visually appealing, easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting so that you can see the profile of your fleet in an instant, and where any potential issues may lie.


Developed by Interactive Fleet Management’s in-house software team in partnership with cap hpi, Data drawn directly from cap hpi’s market-leading vehicle database.

Sophisticated and intuitive choices, quick comparisons between makes and model of car, tailored selections to specific criteria (such as CO2 limitations) and suggestions of alternative cars that meet a driver’s needs.

Driver App

Our driver App is unique to Interactive Fleet Management and developed in-house.

It offers a range of driver services including:

- Service and repair bookings
- Mileage updates
- Vehicle inspections
- Breakdown/ rescue
- Location services
- Access to a driver’s account manager